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   A website is the cheapest way to be there 24/7 for  your customers...

Business cards, ads in the local papers, yellow pages - they're all great ..... until the customer puts them in the recycling. But your website is available to your customers when they need it 24/7.

So how much does a website cost …if a small ad in the local paper costs around £1100 EVERY year, and line advertising in the yellow pages starts at £350 EVERY year you are probably expecting to have to pay a large annual fee for your website

Many business owners don't bother to look into websites because they fear it will be too expensive, instead they make do with an entry in an online directory where they are rolled in with all their competitors and leave it at that.

It's true that an online shop or a 15 page site with forms and slideshows can easily cost in excess of £30000,

but most businesses don't need that...

Most businesses can get just the same amount of business using a five page website costing them £2500 or less, and many find they manage just fine with a 2 or 3 page site that costs them a one-off fee of £1500.

 Compare that to any other form of advertising and its incredible value. And the following year? The costs actually drop - hosting fees are under £200 a year. Do you know any other form of advertising where the costs fall?

Our hosting costs also include any small modifications you need to make to the site so you don't need to worry if your phone number changes, or you need to update a photo or two.

And did you hear about our money-back guaranteeIt's true - if you aren't completely happy with your website we'll give you your money back. Our customers are all happy customers as you can see from our testimonials page. We work hard to keep it that way. We don't want unhappy customers. You get the site you want or your money back.

every website package includes;
  • .co.uk domain name

  • One year's Free high speed, highly reliable, secure hosting 

  • email account

  • contact form

  • Technical Support of your site


  • Free search engine optimisation/submission

  • Cropping and resizing of your photographs

  • Optimised coding for fast site access

  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome compatible

  •  All packages fully upgradeable to meet your business requirements

The Friendly Web  Company


Thinking of building your own site?


As you can see our pricing is so competitive that the only way you could beat it, is by building your own.

If you've got a lot of time and patience, and you are confident online then building your own website could be a viable option, but you've got nothing to lose by phoning us first. Some of our clients come to us after having first built their own site, and becoming frustrated because they could not get it to look the way they wanted.

Not only that, but you miss out on having the personal support of your own web designer. We make it our number one priority to take care of you, ensuring that your online presence reflects the pride and care you take in your business.

One of our clients who came to us after building his own site first, tells us that paying to have his next site built was worth every penny.

 The Friendly Web Company, Bursledon Hampshire  info@friendlywebcompany.co.uk